The strangest thing happened the day I was washing the dinner dishes. I read the ingredients on the soap label.
Fear over came me!! My hands in so many chemicals? This can’t be….this has to STOP!

That day changed my life and kindled the idea of RebasRemedy.

We must help our families and friends turn to organic, safe, healthier products in their every day lives. Whether it
be in food, cosmetics or body care. I began reading and learning more about organic products that have been present
on this earth for thousands of years. I did a little experimenting with the oils I owned and found them
fragrant and soothing!

As days passed I discussed my perplexing thoughts with my friend and exercise teacher Nadia. She too felt as I did -
we decided then to make some changes in our lives and our journey began….

I read everything I could find. Nadia and I made and sampled various concoctions, we tested botanicals,oils fragrances,
extracts, hydrosals,etc, and as our passion grew we knew we had to search for the remedy toward a better, safer,
stronger and healthier tomorrow.

Our bodycare is a collection of Personal care products, that are mainly made with organic ingredients. We are
constantly using superior quality products and use no chemicals and are completely paraben free, and not tested
on animals. We are dedicated to manufacturing high quality American made merchandise.

We hope you join us, for we are cutting edge and strive for a healthier happier everyday!!!